MEL Magnetic Eyelash Applicator

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MEL Magnetic Lash Applicator is a curved magnetic stainless steel applicator that hugs the natural lash line, while the curved ends prevent your lashes from shifting during application. Side grip handle maximizes visibility and offers superior control when aligning lashes.

1. Hold the applicator with the MEL logo facing up and the curved ends facing you throughout the application process.
2. Use your hands to attach "upper" magnetic lash to applicators "upper" curved end and the same to the "bottom".
3. Use the curled ends to place the magnets perfectly together, then use the applicator tool to adjust the lashes in place or to curl the lashes even more.
4. Position the upper prong above your natural lash line and lower prong directly beneath it.
5. Press prongs together and quickly release to connect upper and lower lashes.

Note: The "upper" magnetic lash and the "under" magnetic lash will sandwich your upper natural lashes.