How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes: In 11 Easy Steps

how-to-apply-magnetic-eyelashesHow to apply magnetic eyelashes: In 11 Easy Steps

When compared to glue-based lashes, it is easy to apply magnetic eyelashes. The top and the bottom strip comprise of magnets to secure your natural lash firmly. Just sandwich the natural eyelashes in between the fake lashes while the magnets click together. Make sure to use eye makeup that does not damage the eye lashes. Magnetic lashes? Yes! You thought it correct. It uses magnet to join your natural lashes. Who said that glamorous lashes cannot look natural? The single half full coverage magnetic lashes are effortless to apply. Girls, magnetic eyelashes are Godsend help for those who want to look gorgy and draw the maximum eyeballs when it is party time. If you are hopelessly addicted to glamorous lashes, magnetic eyelash will be your best bet. Use them whenever you wear makeup while others are drawn towards you like magnets. Magnetic falsies can add wow factor to your selfie. Whenever I click selfies, I make it a point to wear false lashes. Well, not the glued ones! I don’t like strip lashes that smear messy glues here and there. If you care how you look, keep a pack of magnetic lashes on your desk.

No need for lash extension treatment

Looking to undergo lash extension treatment? Girl! It is of no use. Treatment in the salon will cost you $200 while you can procure magnetic false eyelashes at just $35. The best part is that you can wear it or take them off at your own ease. Magnetic lashes are easy to wear, easy to take off and are re-usable lash boosters. Those tiny magnets on each lash can connect well to your natural lashes. If you are the disciple of magnetic eyelashes, here you will learn how exactly to wear them.

They don’t hurt

What more you want? You look like a stunning diva and no price you have to pay. Magnetic lashes do not hurt at all. They are far better than the traditional false eyelash extensions. Traditional lash extensions do irritate the natural lashes and eyelids because they use glue for sticking. You don’t end up damaging your natural lashes as there is no tugging whatsoever. Use index finger and thumb to slide the lashes apart. One pair of lash may be used for months without any sign of wear. Isn’t it wonderful? The only precaution you have to take is not to apply mascara upon the magnetic extension. You also need not pry extensions apart as that would only strain the magnets. Just like the regular lashes, the magnetic lashes feel the same. After a few minutes, you just forget about the false eyelash extensions.

11 easy Steps to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

It is important not to apply any makeup above magnetic eyelashes. Use products that won’t harm the false extensions. Follow the steps below to learn how to apply magnetic lashes:


Step 1: Are you new to applying magnetic false eyelashes? If you have to apply makeup, use them prior to putting magnetic lashes. This is for the newbie who may end up applying makeup less gracefully. Apply other makeup products to avoid the smudging of lashes against the makeup. This will help in neat application.


Step 2: Applying mascara is the second step here. To the inner lashes of your eyes, apply mascara. Know one thing that false magnetic lashes can cover your outer corner of the eyes. Apply mascara to the inner lashes prior to using false lashes. This is important for balancing out the look. Here you just need to target certain portion of the eyes and so it is important to choose mascara which has smaller brushes.


Step 3: When applying eyeliner to the eyes, use only pencil eyeliner as liquid eyeliner can stick to your false lashes. If you are wearing false lashes, you must never use liquid based eye makeup products.

Step 4: It is important not to get the mascara and other makeup products on your lashes. If you can keep the magnetic eye lashes clean, it will definitely prolong the life of eyelashes. This is why you should use mascara before using the false lashes.



Step 5: Now comes the time to apply the magnetic false eyelashes. Put any microfiber cloth in front of you or upon the table. Set your lashes on this cloth that should be right in front of you. This is needed to secure the lashes if by chance they fall accidently when you are applying it. When the lashes land on the cloth, it will be easy to secure.


Step 6: Place the lash strip to the natural eyelash. Notice the marking given on the magnetic lashes. There will be mark on the false lash to suggest it is for upper lash or vice versa. Go through the instruction manual or package detail for this. Proceed according to the label on the top strip without the red dot. Place the top strip over the lashes and move towards outer corner of the eyes. The lash strip must be closer to the eyelash.


Step 7: After you have applied the top lash, proceed to apply the bottom lash. The bottom magnetic lash will carry a red dot. Again, use your index finger and thumb to pick the lash strip from the cloth. Just place that under the upper lash strip. When you do so, there must clicking sound to suggest that the magnetic false eyelash is fastened to the natural lash.


Step 8: If you want to remove the false eyelash extensions, use your index finger and thumb to grab the lashes and take the magnets apart. This should be done very gently or else you will damage the magnetic lashes. After the magnets fall apart, just pull away the falsie from your lashes.


Step 9: You may not know but magnetic lashes can be used over and over again. They do not need replacement if you handle them properly. When you need to take them off, just preserve them in the original packaging for future usage. Again, keep the container in a safe place so that there is no risk of damaging your magnetic false eyelash extensions.


Step 10: Before even using the magnetic lashes, you must wash your hands properly. This should be done each time you touch the eyes or eyelids. Wet the hands, apply soap and lather. Scrub them for at least 10-15 seconds. Use clean towel to dry your hands. After you apply eye makeup, let it dry for some time. The makeup should set properly prior to using magnetic lashes. If you are not used to applying magnetic eyelashes, you must try and use minimal makeup.


Step 11: Before moving out for party, you must practice wearing magnetic eyelashes. The magnets must make clicking sound so that the lashes do not come off and are fastened properly

Using magnetic lashes is breeze easy. It is also available easily on any of the online stores. The very idea of glue-free magnetic lashes is amusing and enticing. If you hate strip lashes, then magnetic lashes are for you. Girls who have blonde or flat lashes need not worry any more. They can use magnetic eyelashes to transform their looks. You can easily snap on magnetic lashes any time. Among so many varieties, you can find the one which suits you.

Some tips to consider

  • Order the right magnetic eyelashes of some reliable brand like MEL Magneticy Eye Lashes. Good set of magnetic lashes can be procured at $35-$100. When you look online, you will find plenty of products but not all of them are meant for you. After doing your researches, you must choose a product.After deciding on the brand, choose the right set. You have options like natural or extreme looks. If you want to add more volume to the lashes, go for natural ones like MEL Magnetic Eye Lashes. These lashes can be used also when there is any special event. Wear them for weddings to turn the maximum head. You will not go unnoticed if you use MEL lashes. For that extreme party look, go for other magnetic eyelashes in the market. The lashes will come in proper case and carry 2 top and bottom lashes. The lashes are reusable but you could buy also backup pair. The bottom lashes generally have red dot upon the magnetic strip.
  • Follow the step-by-step instruction given on the packaging. Place the upper lash extension on you natural lash and the bottom lash underneath.

It is very simple to use magnetic eyelashes. The lashes are made in a way that they adjust to your natural lashes. Just place bottom lash under the top lash. The bottom lash must be pushed to place and must be close to the lash line. After placing magnetic upper lash on the top of eyelash, the bottom and upper lash will get connected. Easy...right?

So, follow the above section to successfully apply the magnetic false eylash extensions. With MEL magnetic eyelashes, it is time to do away with messy strip falsies. You can apply lashes in an effortless manner by following the instructions. Within seconds you can apply the lashes. Ultra powerful lashes won’t move even if no glue is used. There is no need to care for your natural lashes religiously when you can simply flaunt those magnetic eyelashes.

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