Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyelashes


Magnetic eyelashes, featuring micro-magnetic technology, sandwiches efficiently the natural lashes in between fiber strips to pave the way for dramatic, bold and impressive lash line. Every lady craves for long, beautiful and impressive lash line and here you have a solution. Magnetic eyelashes are an instant way to add length, thickness and volume to the lash line. Now, the beautiful and gorgeous lash line is not just meant for celebrities. You can flaunt them too without undergoing expensive, painful and time consuming lash extension treatment.

Wondering how? Discover here!

Eyelash extensions boost appearance and make you more appealing to your other half. The world is looking forward to fuller, longer and bigger eyelashes and this is manifested in the boom of lash extension serums, eyelash growth procedures, but using false eyelashes is still the finest way to lengthen the eyelashes instantly. The immense popularity of magnetic eyelashes in the market proves that you cannot avoid its usage. The latest craze among ladies currently is wearing magnetic eyelashes to steal the show. If you are meeting the man of your dreams for the first time, magnetic eyelashes can draw his attention. Celebrities and makeup artists are equally enticed by this type of lashes which offers an instant solution to those looking for long, attractive and mesmerizing lashes.

Be the prettiest!

Don’t be one of the attractive women but be the prettiest. Be the best woman in front of your Mister Right. No need to apply glue on your natural lash since the magnetic lashes get secured to the lash line with the help of tiny magnets. Things are very simple. The magnets on the lashes are almost invisible and you need to place them along your lash line, lock them together while they get secured to your natural lashes. For that impressive hold, you may opt for strip lashes having 2 magnets. Well, the MEL lashes do come with 2 magnets where you just sandwich your natural lash in between the strips binding together. This binding is done by magnetic force. The user sandwiches two-half strips around natural lash, fused together along the attached magnets. False lashes are subtle, impressive and self-adhering such that you need not use any glue to stick them to your eyes. After usage, there is no need to pluck the glue from your eyes.


How to use magnetic eyelashes?

Using magnetic eyelash is not difficult. The best you can do is following the instructions given on the packaging. As each product is different from another, you need to abide by the instructions stated on the product. Follow the steps stated below:

  • To get that natural look, you could trim the lashes. When the lash is trimmed, the magnetic lash fits perfect.
  • Apply some mascara so that the natural lash gets a more perfect line.
  • On the top eyelash, apply the Upper Magnetic Lash
  • Similarly, apply the under lash underneath your natural lash

The best part about magnetic eyelashes is that magnets help to lock the lashes in place. There is no mess or fuss associated with applying glue. Some of the magnetic lashes come with half lashes accenting the outer corner. Then, magnetic lashes can also come with tweezers for application. However, you can also apply with fingers. Well, interestingly, the upper lash gets attracted magnetically to bottom lash. There are a lot of videos you can watch to learn how to apply magnetic eyelash.

Pulling apart is easy

The way to putting away the magnetic lashes is simple. Just lift the upper lash gently and pull, and do the same with the lower lash. Pull the bottom lash down and you are with your natural lash. Never pull magnetic lash in the straight direction as that can harm them. Using your index finger and the thumb, you can slide apart the lashes.

Use magnetic lashes if you want to avoid tacky mess later on. In the beginning, you will have to practice applying and taking off. There is no need for gluing or re-gluing as such. Buy the MEL magnetic lash kit which comes in with the perfect packaging placeholder. Especially if you are newbie, it is best to buy MEL- Magnetic Eye Lashes. You can place it easily as it forgives any rough placement.

Multitude of shades and features

Avail magnetic eyelash in multitude of shades to win the show. Looking to buy the best magnetic eyelashes? Choose a brand who has great experience in the field of magnetic lashes. Watch out for brands who have great experience in the field. They can help to bring out the perfect cat-eye look from magnetic extensions. They are easy to use and apply. The lashes are great alternative to eyelash extension treatment carried out in the salons. You just need a few seconds to apply the lashes. The process is absolutely pain free and causes no discomfort.

Craving for that fresh look you get from mascara? Magnetic lashes reveal fresh look which is far better than using mascara. Men will definitely look at you noticing your appealing looks. In fact, such lashes appear so natural that no one can make out they are fake.

Undeniably natural! Yes! You got it right. Magnetic lashes look undeniably natural. This is the best beauty breakthrough solution. If you are too conscious how you look, add magnetic false eyelashes to your natural lashes to see the difference it makes.

The best part about the magnetic lashes

Girls with any eye shape, age or ethnicity can use magnetic lashes. Plus! The lashes are available easily both online and offline. The Magnetic Lash Revolution has taken the entire glamour industry by storm. If you want long, luscious and naturally beautiful lashes, just try it out.


Wondering why to use?

Besides adding to the looks, there are other reasons to use magnetic false lashes:

  • Glamorous lashes look almost natural
  • No ‘false’ lash effect. It has luxurious thickness, length and volume.
  • The choice is versatile for those looking to flaunt sophisticated looks
  • Can be worn during the day and evening time.
  • Can be applied in seconds without any messy glue or sticky substances
  • Ultra-light lashes makes you almost forget that you are using magnetic lashes
  • Magnetic technology is almost budge-proof to secure the lash in place
  • No irritation to the eyes as no glue is involved
  • Safe for daily usage
  • Reusable

And the list goes on and on..

Wear the lashes after completing your eye-makeup to add wow factor to your looks. The sexy and glamorous look can be carried when you are going out for party or hanging out with friends. If worn for big nights, you cannot escape the compliments. No need to worry about the sticky substance coming off. They look real and much unlike fake strip eye lashes. The magnets will help to better control the lash placement. The lash gets secured to the natural lash. Things will not go messy with magnetic eye-lash as it is easy to apply.

Subtle sexiness to the eyes

Feeling apprehensive how the lashes look? Try it out and add subtle sexiness to the eyes. They won’t at all damage your natural lashes. When you are using magnetic lashes, there is no trial or error. It may be applied perfectly on the very first attempt. The magnetic strip looks awesome without doubt.


Where to buy magnetic eyelashes?

To add luxurious volume and thickness to the lashes, start using magnetic eyelashes easily available online. Ready to try MEL - Magnetic Eye Lashes? They are reusable, and provide beautiful and glamorous lashes. Use them and take your charm to the next level. Put them on and off easily. They sandwich your natural lashes and add glamour to your look. You can order them here.

It is comfortable and does not hurt!

You need not undergo pain to look beautiful and charming. The magnetic eyelashes are comfortable to use. It is not a marketing gimmick for the lashes look legit. The following perks you get:

  • Effortless: can be applied in seconds
  • Look gorgeous in the blink of an eye
  • Reusable as no glue is involved
  • They do not move after you apply
  • Safe to use

No harmful chemicals, no sticky glue to harm your natural lashes. The natural lash holds the magnetic lashes in place. The solution is flexible and easy. Apply after doing eye-makeup. Isn’t that cool? Boost your natural lashes and give the outer lash corner uplift without any glue. So, enhance your lashes… in the blink of an eye!

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